29th Street

"There's no telling where luck will take you"
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The movie 29th Street is a 1992 movie based on the true story of the first winner of the New York Lottery. The movie is classed as a drama/comedy, was adapted and directed by George Gallo from the original story by Frank Pesce, is rated R and has a run time of 1 hour 41 minutes. The movie stars Anthony LaPaglia, Danny Aiello, Lainie Kazan and the real Frank Pesce is in the movie playing one of his relatives.

The film shows the main character, Frank Pesce, is a man with bad luck, but, good luck always seems to come along to get him out of trouble. Frank's birth was problematic, his jobs come and go on a regular basis and he is still living in his parent's home. His older brother and his sister's family live there as well making for a full and rather noisy home.

On Christmas Eve, Frank Pesce, a man from a tough Queens, New York neighborhood, wins the first New York lottery to the tune of 6 million dollars. Instead of celebrating happily as most would do, Frank goes about breaking windows and in general disturbing the peace. When he is arrested the story comes out. He has won the lottery but his father, who has as much bad luck as Frank but no good luck, has debts to the mafia that he can never hope to repay.

The mafia learn of his lucky ticket and want Frank to turn it over to them to wipe out his father's debt. Frank is against this idea but is having a problem with the idea of just turning over a 6 million dollar ticket.

The remainder of the movie is spent with Frank trying to work out this dilemma. He wants to help out his dad but also really wants to keep the money. All the while he is being pressured by the mafia and advised by his family.

| 1992 | 1 hr 41 min | 7.3/10
Danny Aiello, Anthony LaPaglia, Lainie Kazan, Frank Pesce
George Gallo
Produced By
David Permut
29th Street
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Also starring Anthony LaPaglia