Dinner Rush

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Dinner Rush is crime drama romance that was written by Rick Shaughnessy and Brian S. Kalataa and directed by Bob Giraldi. The movie features Danny Aiello, John Rothman and Edoardo Ballerini. The story involves a very long evening at a Tribeca Italian eatery that is going through a difficult time. Louis (played by Danny Aiello) enjoys traditional Italian food, but Udo, his son (played by Edoardo Ballerini) wants to serve nouvelle cuisine and wants very much to only serve this type of esoteric and experiment fare.

This upsets Louis to no end because he always dreamed of serving cuisine that honors his heritage from the old country. Even though he wants to hand over the restaurant to his son, he is reluctant to do so if he means he must abandon all of their signature dishes. Not only does this make him sad, but he knows that this will disappoint many regular customers who continue to patronize the restaurant. His feelings of loyalty are mixed with nostalgia.

To complicate matters, there has been a murder and Louis may know the murderers, who may have eaten at the restaurant. Seems they wanted to enter into a partnership with him for the restaurant. Louis offers to provide them with the books that he has been running, but not the restaurant. However, they refuse to leave.

Also, Duncan (played by Kirk Acevedo) is the only remaining cook - and possibly the only one he knows at all who can make their signature Salsiccia e Peperoni. The dish is one of their most popular, especially among the regular customers. The problem is that he is also deeply in debt to a local bookmaker who is growing increasingly impatient by the second. Louis attempts to sort this all out with the help of his accountant, however, he also enlists the assistance of the gangsters, which is a very dangerous proposition.

| 2000 | | 7.3/10 | 79/100
Danny Aiello, John Rothman, Frank Bongiorno, Lexie Sperduto
Bob Giraldi
Dinner Rush
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