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Writer and Actor Tyler Perry's, Medea's Christmas follows the Mansell family, who has reserved a quiet vacation in Cape Cod to bring in the Christmas holiday. The husband John and his wife Lillian are eagerly awaiting their daughter's China's arrival back from college for the holiday break. As the couple look forward to the exciting family get together, they ask her to bring her new beau, who comes form an upper class English family. The anxious emotions of the visit begin to increase as Lillian and her husband hope for their daughter to wed soon. This wishful thinking leads to some unfortunate chain of misadventures where everything begins to go wrong when China discovers that her beloved housekeeper, Margaret will not be able to enjoy the holiday herself because of her work schedule. China then invites her to celebrate with the Mansells, instead of being alone on Christmas. Margaret couldn't have been happier and decides to also bring along her own quirky family much to the China's parents surprise.

This holiday comedy will entertain audiences with it's colorful character performances along with sporadic musical numbers. For those who are Christian, they will enjoy the character of Medea, one of Margaret's loud mouthed and highly opinionated relatives. The film's tone is a mixture of dysfunctional relatives and real emotional conflict that most families can relate to. Everyone can remember the holiday season where everyone is a bit more upfront with their opinions, than they are most of the year. The tuneful music which Tyler is most noted for will have audiences snapping there fingers and tapping their toes, in-between scenes. The chemistry between Margaret's relatives and the Mansells will cause audiences to ponder about their own family dynamics and what it takes to put aside their differences and enjoy each others company. The holiday season is usually the best time to make this happen. Perry's multidimensional characters will have viewers wondering what the characters will say or do next. Most moviegoers who happen to love gospel music will be highly entertained by both the script and the witty way the songs intertwine with the plot. The kitchen cook played by Patrice Lovely, will leave audiences laughing at her uncontrollable antics as she prepares the family meal. Through a mix of family arguments after the unveiling of juicy secrets from the past and dealing with the present conflict, Medea finds away to creatively bring the family together in her own boldly hilarious but humble manner.

2011 | 2 hr 32 min | 4.1/10
A Madea Christmas

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