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"A tale of Christmas magic."
  • TV-G
  • 1990
  • 6.5  (1,234)

In the heartwarming movie A Mom for Christmas from 1990, directed by George Miller, we meet young Jessica, played by Juliet Sorci, who lives with her father Jim, portrayed by Doug Sheehan, and her devoted nanny Claire, played by the legendary Olivia Newton-John. Jessica’s mother died when she was very young, and the little girl is struggling to come to terms with her absence.

As Christmas approaches, Jessica overhears her father discussing his dating plans with Claire, and becomes upset at the idea of having to share her father with someone else. That’s when a magical mannequin named Martha comes to life, played charmingly by Doris Roberts. Martha tells Jessica that she can grant her wish and make any dream come true before she disappears on Christmas morning.

Soon enough, Jessica is delighted to find her wish has come true when her mother, in the form of the mannequin, comes to life and spends Christmas with her. The two embark on a series of wacky and heartwarming adventures as they try to keep the truth of their time together secret from everyone else.

A Mom for Christmas is a touching and magical story that will appeal to audiences of all ages. It explores themes such as the bond between mother and daughter, the importance of family, and the magic of Christmas, all woven together in a delightful and heartwarming way.

The performances of the entire cast, especially Olivia Newton-John and Juliet Sorci, are excellent, and the chemistry between them feels authentic and moving. Their relationship, which develops throughout the movie, is central to the plot and is handled with sensitivity and care by the filmmakers.

The setting for the movie is beautifully crafted, with a warm and cosy Christmas atmosphere that draws the viewer in and makes them feel part of the story. The movie is a real feast for the eyes, with stunning scenery, beautiful costumes, and charming props that capture the classic American Christmas feel perfectly.

The music in the movie is another highlight, with Olivia Newton-John contributing beautiful renditions of classic Christmas songs that add to the festive feel of the story. The music is perfectly chosen and blends well with the film's themes.

One of the things that make this movie so special is the way it handles a delicate topic like the loss of a mother. The movie is never too heavy-handed when dealing with the theme, opting instead for a more lighthearted approach that is still able to convey the depth of Jessica's feelings. This is a movie that children and adults can enjoy equally, and parents will appreciate the way it handles its themes with tastefulness and heart.

Overall, A Mom for Christmas is a timeless classic that continues to resonate with audiences decades after its original release. It is a movie that embodies everything that is great about Christmas – love, joy, family, and magic. Whether you are looking for a heartwarming movie to watch with your family, or just want to relive the magic of Christmases past, A Mom for Christmas is a must-see.

A Mom for Christmas
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