A Christmas Romance

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Julia is a young widow raising two small children. Times are tough and she is struggling financially. She is behind on many payments when suddenly, and just before Christmas, she loses her job. She is so far behind on her payments that the bank must take action. When everyone else in his office is snowed in elsewhere, Brian is the one chosen to make the trip to collect on Julia's bills.

He tries to collect payment for her outstanding bills and when she can't pay, Brian informs her she will lose her house. After delivering the bad news, and receiving a dramatic and unhappy reaction from Julia, Brian takes off into a snow storm to head back to the city. He doesn't make it far when he is in a bad accident. Alone and injured, Julia invites him into her home to wait out the storm. Brian is badly disoriented and Julia is forced to try to nurse him back to health while he he has no idea where he is.

When he comes to and realizes where he is he tries to get home but the phones are out and the bridge out of town is closed. The storm proves worse than expected and Brian is forced to stay longer than either of them hoped. Neither are thrilled with the situation and have trouble getting along at first. While waiting out the storm together, Julia and Brian begin to talk and learn more about each other. They spend time together and Brian gets a taste of a life he has never experienced; a simple, quiet life that he could learn to like.

Inevitably, the two fall in love and Brian is forced to decide between his feelings and his financial responsibilities. A Christmas Romance stars Olivia Newton John and Gregory Harrison.

| 1994 | 1 hr 29 min | 6.2/10
Olivia Newton-John, Gregory Harrison, Chloe Lattanzi, Stephanie Sawyer
Sheldon Larry
A Christmas Romance
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Also starring Gregory Harrison