A Time of Destiny

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A Time of Destiny is a dramatic war movie. It is the story of two friends in World War II. This war movie is the story of two friends who meet during World War II. They serve together and their friendship grows. They are unaware that one of them had eloped and married the sister of the other. When they meet again in Italy it is because the brother is seeking revenge for his father's death and believes his friend is responsible for it.

This is a story of friendship over time. When new facts come to light these best friends become enemies.

| 1988 | 1 hr 58 min | 4.8/10
William Hurt, Timothy Hutton, Melissa Leo, Francisco Rabal
Gregory Nava
Produced By
Executive Producers:, Shep Gordon, Carolyn Pfeiffer, Producer:, Anna Thomas
A Time of Destiny
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