Kishan and Shambu are two brothers who have grown up around one another their entire time on this planet. They have been inseparable for the longest time. Kishan is married to a beautiful young lady named Shanti. They too are quite inseparable and there is seemingly nothing that can tear their perfect marriage apart. The only negative thing affecting them is the fact that Shanti is unable to bear children. When Shambu falls in love with a girl whose cousin is not fond of Shambu, this cousin, named Jaggan, creates a false rumor that Shambu has been having an affair with his brother's wife.

1980 | 1 hr 39 min | 6.9/10
Rajesh Khanna, Rakhee Gulzar, Rekha, Prem Chopra
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Also directed by Anil Ganguly

Also starring Rakhee Gulzar