Kora Kagaz

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Professor Sukesh and Archana have a lucky encounter while riding a BEST transport into the city of Mumbai, only to run into each other a second time and learn about each other. While the two get along well enough that they consider marriage, Archana's mother disapproves of her daughter being betrothed to a man of mediocre earnings. Sukesh's pride is injured by the woman, but Archana listens to her mother and the two part ways. Archana remains with her parents while Sukesh moves. Archana's parents beseech her to forget her time with Sukesh, but her heart walks a different path.

1974 | | 7.3/10
Vijay Anand, Jaya Bhaduri, Achala Sachdev, A.K. Hangal
Mehboob Studios, Satraj Studios, Rajkamal Studios, Ranjit Studios, Shree Sound Studio
Anil Ganguly
Produced By
Sanat Kothari
Kora Kagaz
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Also directed by Anil Ganguly