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  • 1974
  • 7.3  (272)

Kora Kagaz is a Bollywood drama and romance movie from 1974 directed by Anil Ganguly, starring Vijay Anand, Jaya Bachchan, and Achala Sachdev. The movie revolves around the story of a newlywed couple and their lives as they traverse through the ups and downs of married life. It showcases the struggles and difficulties that married couples face, the importance of communication and understanding, and how a lack of these can lead to misunderstandings and relationship breakdowns.

The movie begins with a gregarious college student, Jaya who falls in love with a shy and introverted writer, Vijay. After a brief courtship, they get married and soon settle into their routine life in Mumbai. Vijay is a successful writer, but his success comes at the cost of his marriage. He spends long hours writing, which leaves Jaya feeling neglected and frustrated. Things come to a head when Jaya becomes pregnant, and Vijay is unable to make time for her. This leads to a misunderstanding between them, and they drift apart.

As time goes by, their relationship deteriorates, and they both start leading separate lives. Vijay becomes involved with another woman, while Jaya focuses on raising her son. However, fate intervenes, and circumstances force them to confront their issues and re-evaluate their relationship.

The movie showcases some excellent performances by the lead actors. Vijay Anand plays the role of a writer torn between his passion for writing and his love for his wife with great nuance. Jaya Bachchan delivers a stellar performance as a young woman trying to find her place in the world and struggling to deal with the challenges of married life. Achala Sachdev, who plays Vijay's mother, brings a lot of gravitas and emotional depth to the role.

The film is also notable for its music, with tunes composed by Kalyanji-Anandji and lyrics written by M.G. Hashmat. The songs are melodious, and the music is in sync with the mood of the film.

One of the highlights of Kora Kagaz is the way it explores marital relationships. The movie shows how marriages can suffer when couples stop communicating with each other or take each other for granted. The film is a commentary on the changing attitudes towards marriage and relationships in modern times. It shows how societal expectations and pressures can affect married couples and their lives.

Overall, Kora Kagaz is a poignant and thought-provoking movie that offers a glimpse into the complexities of married life. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in Bollywood movies, as well as anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of married relationships. The film is a reminder that marriage is not just about love and companionship, but also requires hard work and commitment to make it work in the long run.

Kora Kagaz
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