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  • 1936
  • 2 hr 15 min
  • 6.4  (143)

Achhut Kanya, a 1936 Indian film, directed by Franz Osten was a pioneering effort in addressing the social stigmas associated with the caste system prevalent in India. The movie starred Devika Rani in the lead role alongside Ashok Kumar and Monorama. Achhut Kanya aimed to break the boundaries of the society that had been set up by casteism and bring to light the issue of inter-caste relations.

The story revolves around Kasturi (Devika Rani), a young girl who belongs to a lower caste and falls in love with Pratap (Ashok Kumar), a wealthy Brahmin boy. Despite the caste differences and opposition from their families and society, the couple decides to get married. The film presents the problems of inter-caste marriage and the ensuing fallout.

Kasturi, a sweet-natured and innocent girl, lives in a village where she is looked down upon by people from upper castes because of her social status. Despite this, she remains hopeful and hard-working. She works in Pratap's house, and their relationship eventually blossoms into love. Pratap also reciprocates Kasturi's love, but the couple is unable to confess their feelings to each other. Later on, their love showcases the essence of the movie.

The film exposes the sheer beauty and awe-striking love between Kasturi and Pratap. It portrays the complexities of love between two individuals from different castes and the repercussions of inter-caste marriage on their families and society as a whole.

As the film progresses, the couple's love story becomes the talk of the village, with people constantly ridiculing and taunting them. Kasturi's father, a wise man who understands the beauty of love, supports Kasturi's relationship with Pratap. But Pratap's father, whom the villagers hold in high regard, is strictly against this union.

A series of events unfolds, which makes Pratap realize the difference between right and wrong. Ultimately, he unites with Kasturi and marries her defying his father's command. Their marriage sets a trend where other people from different castes come forth and get married.

Achhut Kanya is a landmark movie, not only in Indian cinema but in the history of social reform in the country. The film's nuanced portrayal of love and social inequality challenged the conventional norms prevalent in the country. It boldly tackled the issue of casteism that has plagued India for centuries and the ensuing social problems that come with it.

The movie had some significant technical aspects as well. The film's production values were impeccable, considering that it was made during a time when Indian cinema was in its early stages. The film also showcased the brilliant performances by its actors. Devika Rani, in particular, stood out with her nuanced portrayal of Kasturi's character. Monorama played Kasturi's friend and confidante, which added a layer of warmth and innocence to the movie.

The film's music was another standout feature. It had a combination of Western and Indian music, which was quite innovative for its time. The highlight of the film is the song "Main Ban Ki Chidiya Ban Mein Udd Jaaun Re," which remains an iconic song to this day.

In conclusion, Achhut Kanya is a movie that not only entertained but also educated the audience about one of the most significant social evils in Indian society. It was a path-breaking movie that set the stage for future Indian films to address various social issues. Achhut Kanya is a must-watch movie that showcases the essence of true love and brings across a powerful message of social equality.

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    2 hr 15 min
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    6.4  (143)