Alien Tracker

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The 2003 film Alien Tracker is an under appreciated gem of the early millennium. This science-fiction action thriller released right between the two film iterations of The X-Files, and seems to follow that sort of mysterious drama-oriented science-fiction with a much greater emphasis on the thrills. On a faraway planet, aliens are incriminated and placed in a maximum security prison. A group of these alien criminals, led by the notorious and ruthless leader Zin, plan an escape from their captivity. Through a series of events, both groups enter a wormhole and exit onto the planet Earth. Once on Earth, the group causes havoc by infiltrating top security areas and attempting to lose their pursuers. This pursuer is Cole. Cole is sent to capture the escaped criminals and return them before they are discovered on planet Earth. Their discovery will cause further mayhem, and prove the existence of aliens.

Adrian Paul plays Cole, the film's amorally determined hero whose task is to to track down the escaped alien convicts. Paul's recent film credits includes the British thriller The Heavy, where he takes his 'rough around the edges' approach into Alien Tracker. Cole is an alien himself who is recruited by the distant government. Cole leads the film with his amoral methods of capturing the criminals. He is a perfectly encapsulated anti-hero. He understands the stakes, and puzzles over whether to cross them just once or as often as it takes to get the job done. The back and forth dynamic between Cole's successes and Zin's getaways keeps the film progressing.

By the close of the film, you are enamored by the way the characters have been through a cataclysmic fight, but have remain grounded. But it is Cole who remains the crowning leader. In the end, Alien Tracker is an often forgotten indie gem of the science-fiction realm.

| 2003 | 1 hr 43 min | 4.6/10
Adrian Paul, Amy Price-Francis, Leanne Wilson, Geraint Wyn Davies
Ken Girotti, Bruce Pittman
Alien Tracker
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Also directed by Ken Girotti