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"In a world without end, their will is eternal. But a quest for the source of immortality will awaken the Guardian."
  • R
  • 2006
  • 3.0  (9,814)

In the year 2007, the fifth installment of the Highlander series was released called Highlander: The Source. The film features Adrian Paul, who reprises his role as Duncan MacLeod from the television series, along with Thekla Reuten and Cristian Solimeno in prominent roles. The movie is set in the future, where Earth has become a desolate wasteland after a catastrophic event. The Highlander franchise is known for its iconic immortal characters fighting to the death to claim the ultimate prize – the power known as the Quickening. However, in this installment, the concept has been tweaked slightly with supernatural entities referred to as Methos.

In the opening scenes, a mysterious Methos named The Guardian (played by Cristian Solimeno) reveals to Duncan that the true source of all Immortals' power stems from a place known as the Source. The Guardian guarantees him that he will be able to find the Source if he and a group of other Immortals (including Methos played by Peter Wingfield) follow him to his resting place where they first gained immortality.

Unwilling at first, Duncan is eventually convinced to follow The Guardian and sets off with Methos, Anna (played by Thekla Reuten), and a host of other Immortals to seek out the Source. Their journey leads them to seek out an unspecified city where the map leading to the Source is believed to be hidden. As the Immortals travel across the barren wasteland, they are met with a series of obstacles, advances from an opposing group of Immortals, and the constant voice of The Guardian on the rumble asking them to move on more quickly.

As they approach the city, the group attracts the attention of the powerful Immortal known only as The Elder, played by Markus Jean Pirae. The Elder has grown tired of the battle between the Immortals and seeks to monopolize the power of the Source for himself.

The group is also met with Anna’s premonitions, which place the entire story in a fascinating space of subjective reality. Anna is struggling with her ability to see the future even as she follows Duncan and Methos on their journey. But, the group continues their journey to the city where they believe they would finally get a chance to find the Source.

The movie's story is split between past and present, with flashbacks diving into the backstory of the group of Immortals and how they initially gained immortality. The flashbacks also provide a glimpse into the lives of the characters, which helps the audience better understand their motivations.

Highlander: The Source has a strong visual aesthetic, with its post-apocalyptic world-building, packed action scenes, and excellent special effects. It also features a great soundtrack, including cuts from some renowned artists like Queen, which is a staple of the Highlander franchise.

However, the film's script is perceived as the weakest aspect of the movie. The narrative pacing is slow in some parts, and the movie's editing is heavily criticized. The climax of the movie feels abrupt and leaves many aspects of the storyline unexplored. The plot twist in the movie also leaves some fans a bit unsatisfied.

In conclusion, Highlander: The Source is a visually stunning movie that will please fans of the Highlander franchise. It has a decent premise and an interesting approach to the power source concept, but its execution falls short in some areas. Although the storytelling struggles to keep pace, fans of the franchise's action and battles will likely appreciate the film for being a somewhat fresh take on the usual Immortal infighting.

Highlander: The Source is a 2006 action movie. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 3.0.

Highlander: The Source
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