All Night Long

"She's got a way with men. And she's getting away with it..."
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A short-tempered George Dupler earns a demotion from manager of a local drug store to a sales clerk on the late shift. His luck takes several turns as he works overtime to convince his son, who is a teenager, into breaking up with his girlfriend. She is married to a firefighter and has the affair with the boy when her husband is at work.

The woman is also a family member, albeit a distant cousin situation. George becomes enamored with her after she attempts to seduce him and he soon separates from his wife, rents an apartment in an old warehouse and then asks the woman to move in with him.

| 1981 | 1 hr 40 min | 5.6/10
Gene Hackman, Barbra Streisand, Diane Ladd, Dennis Quaid
Jean-Claude Tramont
Produced By
Associate producers:, Terence A. Donnelly, Fran Roy, Producers:, Leonard Goldberg, Jerry Weintraub
All Night Long
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