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"It's all a matter of perspective."
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  • 2013
  • 1 hr 27 min
  • 4.8  (936)
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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor is a 2013 comedy-drama film directed by Zack Bernbaum. The movie features a star-studded cast including Bruce Greenwood, Parker Posey, and Callum Blue in lead roles. The plot revolves around an eccentric yet successful advertising executive named Adan Kundle, played by Greenwood, who suffers from a rare form of amnesia known as "brandalism."

Adan awakens from a coma to find himself in a hospital, unable to recall his past memories. However, he soon discovers that he has an inexplicable talent for creating captivating advertisements, despite lacking any memory of his previous life. He meets a young public relations executive named Karen Hillridge, portrayed by Posey. Karen helps Adan realize his own worth and encourages him to embrace his ability to create innovative advertisements.

The movie is shot in a very distinct and stylish manner, with a strong emphasis on visual storytelling. Each scene showcases Adan's obsession with advertising and his talent for creating memorable campaigns. The movie could be described as a modern-day retelling of the classic fable The Emperor's New Clothes, in which the main character is obsessed with his public image, even if it means risking his personal well-being.

Despite being a comedy-drama, the movie delves into deep philosophical themes about the nature of modern marketing and the way our society is influenced by consumer culture. Adan's amnesia is an allegory for the way in which we often forget our own pasts as we become more consumed with our present achievements. The movie's central message seems to be about the importance of living in the moment and finding joy in our own unique personalities, rather than constantly trying to fit into societal norms.

Despite the serious themes, the movie is also peppered with moments of humor that serve to underscore the absurdity of modern advertising culture. Callum Blue's portrayal of Adan's assistant, Lucas Foster, is particularly noteworthy as a hilarious parody of the sycophantic corporate lackey.

One of the standout features of the movie is its visual aesthetic. The color palette is bright and vibrant, with a strong emphasis on primary colors. Each scene is shot in a way that emphasizes the importance of the visual in modern advertising. This emphasis is particularly clear in the movie's marketing campaigns, which are portrayed as fantastical, almost dreamlike sequences that serve to highlight Adan's genius.

Overall, And Now A Word From Our Sponsor is a distinct and thought-provoking movie that is sure to appeal to fans of witty, visually arresting comedies. The standout performances by Greenwood, Posey, and Blue, as well as the movie's unique perspective on the world of advertising, make it an engaging and entertaining film that is well worth watching.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor
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