Angels & Insects

"An elegant seduction. An erotic deception. A stunning revelation."
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Angel and Insects film is about William Adamson, a naturalist who lost all his possessions in a shipwreck. He spent the last years in the Amazon River studying insects. He returns to Victorian England as a poor naturalist. He befriends an amateur insect collector named Sir Harald Alabaster. Sir Harald hired William to teach his children about the natural sciences and cataloging his insect collection. He also assists the governess, Matty.

It is not long before William falls in love with one of Sir Harald’s daughters, Eugenia. They decide to get married. They proceed to have five children.

However, Edgar, the older brother of Eugenia, grows to dislike William and never passes an opportunity to pick a fight with him.

One day William walks into the bedroom while Eugenia and Edgar are having sex. Eugenia confesses that they where having sex for years now. William tells Eugenia that he will leave her and her children, because he suspects that some of them belong to Edgar.

Matty then opens up to William, saying that she knew about Eugenia and Edgar and that most servants in the house knew it, too. She denies sending the servant that led to Eugenia’s discovery. The two has become close after years of spending time together.

William decides and tells Matty that he has desires to return back to the Amazon and never to return. Matty then reveals that she has already booked two tickets for the Amazon that will be leaving shortly. William is hesitant at first, even though she has an attraction for Matty. William does not feel that a woman like Matty is suited for the rainforest. However, this all changes when Matty promises to help her with his work and reveals that she loves him. The film ends with Edgar and Matty sitting in the coach seat of a boat that is heading for the Amazon. They are both looking out to the vast world.

| 1995 | 1 hr 56 min | 6.8/10
Mark Rylance, Kristin Scott Thomas, Patsy Kensit, Jeremy Kemp
Philip Haas
Produced By
Playhouse International Pictures, Samuel Goldwyn Company
Angels & Insects
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Also starring Mark Rylance