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  • R
  • 1982
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 4.2  (416)

'Aphrodite' is a French-made soft-core romantic art film directed by Robert Fuest, and based upon the literary works of French author Pierre Louÿs. Dialog in this film is spoken in both French and English. The film was released in the summer of 1982. The film tells the story of 'Harry' (played by Horst Buchholz), the main character of the film who is a young millionaire that enjoys long vacations sailing on his yacht. While taking in the idyllic surroundings of the Greek Isles, he decides to pay a visit to a dear friend of his who owns a mansion on one of the islands. His friend, 'Count Orloff' is played by the actor Yves Massard and is pleased to entertain his guest.

Orloff invites Harry to stay in his mansion and organizes a lavish party on his behalf that is to consist of three days and three nights of ritual. Harry then learns that the inspiration for this feast is the intended reenactment of scenes from the myths of the goddess Aphrodite -- the Greek goddess of love, beauty, ecstasy, and fecundity. Aphrodite, the counterpart to the Roman goddess Venus, enjoyed many lovers, both men and gods. The goddess Aphrodite was according to mythology the lover of Adonis, and Orloff intends to have Harry play the part of Adonis.

The story unfolds by revealing Orloff's passions and obsessions in a serial fashion. He frequently takes part in orgies involving other wealthy people and couples. Orloff and his guests indulge in group sex with and without him. In one scene, two lovers interact with each other on opposite sides of a large pane of glass. In another, a homosexual man is converted into a lover of women while giving a woman a massage. While paying homage to the love cult of Aphrodite, Harry meets Pauline (Valérie Kaprisky), a captivating young woman who ultimately becomes his goddess Aphrodite.

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    1 hr 28 min
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    4.2  (416)