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  • 2011
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Art History is a 2011 American independent film, directed by and starring Joe Swanberg. The film stars Josephine Decker and Kent Osborne alongside Swanberg. Art History has an intriguing premise, exploring the complexities of human relationships and how they change over time. Swanberg is known for his work in the mumblecore genre and this movie is a fine example of his work.

The movie follows a young couple, Sam (Joe Swanberg) and Lily (Josephine Decker), in the early stages of their relationship. They live together in a small apartment in Chicago, trying to make ends meet by working odd jobs. Sam has a passion for art and is hoping to make it big in the art world. Lily, on the other hand, is a struggling actress who is barely making ends meet.

The couple's routine is disrupted when Sam's old friend, Charlie (Kent Osborne), comes to stay with them for a week. Charlie is a successful artist, and his presence in the apartment sparks tension between the three characters. The dynamic between Sam and Lily changes drastically, leading to romantic complications.

The film showcases raw performances from the actors, with Swanberg's naturalistic approach to filmmaking capturing the complexity of human relationships. The characters lack traditional Hollywood glamour, which makes them relatable and grounded in reality.

Art History aims to expose the reality of struggling artists and their relationships. The film explores the theme of insecurity, as each character is struggling to find their place in the world. At its core, Art History is a love story that examines the challenges of sustaining a romantic relationship.

Joe Swanberg's direction subtly reveals the underlying tension within the relationships. The movie doesn't rely on conventional plot devices or dialogue-heavy scenes. Instead, the director uses improvisation and intimate camera work to convey the character's thoughts and emotions.

The movie's pacing is slow, allowing viewers to feel immersed in the world of the characters. The approach may not be for everyone, but fans of the mumblecore genre may find it refreshing.

Art History explores the theme of artistic ambition and how it can impact relationships. Sam and Charlie's friendship is strained as they pursue their respective artistic goals. Lily feels out of place amidst the two men's ambitions, leading to insecurities in her character.

The movie's climax is poignant, without delving into the cliches of conventional romantic films. The resolution is satisfying and emotional, leaving behind a sense of catharsis.

In conclusion, Art History is a well-crafted love story with naturalistic performances from Joe Swanberg, Josephine Decker, and Kent Osborne. The movie explores the complexity of human relationships, artistic ambition, and insecurity. The film's slow pacing and improvisational approach may not be for everyone, but fans of the mumblecore genre will find Art History to be a refreshing take on the genre.

Art History
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