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  • 2013
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All The Light In The Sky is a 2012 independent drama film that revolves around the life of Marie, a middle-aged actress who has worked hard to establish her career in Hollywood. Played by Jane Adams, Marie is a natural on stage and screen, but offstage, she struggles to find meaningful relationships and purpose. The film opens with Marie waking up in her beachside home in Malibu, California. She enjoys her morning routine of yoga, surfing, and drinking organic green juice. Soon, her niece Faye (Sophia Takal) arrives to stay with her for a few days. Faye is a younger actress who has just landed a role in a sci-fi film based on a popular comic book. She looks up to Marie as a mentor and wants to learn from her experience.

The two women spend their days together discussing their careers, personal lives, and the challenges of aging in an industry that values youth and beauty. Marie's life seems idyllic, but as the film progresses, we learn that her success has come at a cost. She's never been married and has no children. She has casual relationships with men, but nothing that lasts. She wonders if she missed out on a chance to have a family and if it's too late to change her life.

Meanwhile, Faye struggles to balance her burgeoning career with her desire for a stable relationship. She's attracted to a surfer friend of Marie's, played by Kent Osborne, but she's not sure he's interested in anything more than a fling. As the two women bond over their shared experiences, they realize that the film industry is a harsh and competitive world where new faces are always ready to replace them.

All The Light In The Sky is a slow-burning drama that explores themes of aging, mortality, and the search for meaning in life. Director Joe Swanberg employs a naturalistic style of filmmaking, and many scenes feel improvised, with actors talking over each other and expressing their emotions in quiet gestures and small actions. The dialogue is realistic, and the characters feel like real people rather than stereotypes.

The film's strongest asset is its lead actress Jane Adams. She delivers a nuanced and heartfelt performance as Marie, a woman who's trying to come to terms with the fact that her life might not have turned out the way she wanted it to. Adams brings depth and vulnerability to the character, and she's able to convey a sense of regret without ever becoming maudlin. Sophia Takal is also good as Faye, a character who's trying to navigate her way in a cutthroat industry.

The film's cinematography is also worth mentioning. Shot on location in Malibu, the film captures the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding hills. Many scenes take place on the beach, and the film feels like a love letter to the California coastline. The film's score is also excellent, with a mix of folk and electronic music that complements the film's introspective tone.

All The Light In The Sky is not a film for everyone. It's slow-paced, and there's not a lot of action or plot twists. But for those who are looking for a character-driven drama that's more interested in exploring the human condition than in providing cheap thrills, this film is a must-see. It's a poignant and thoughtful look at what it means to live a fulfilling life, even if that life is not what we expected it to be.

All The Light In The Sky
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