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"Bedevilled," released in 1955, is a captivating psychological thriller directed by Mitchell Leisen. The film unfolds against the backdrop of the evocative, romantic, and sometimes perilous streets of post-war Paris. The story juxtaposes the allure of the City of Lights with the darker corners of human nature, weaving a tale of intrigue, deception, and dangerous liaisons.

The movie stars Anne Baxter as Monica Johnson, a character embroiled in a desperate situation that forces her to leave the United States and embark on a journey of survival and self-discovery in Paris. Steve Forrest plays Gregory Fitzgerald, a man who becomes entangled in Monica's complex world as soon as he lands in France, hoping for a fresh start but instead finds himself caught in a web of mystery. Simone Renant rounds out the main cast as Francesca, a woman with her own secrets and a critical role in the narrative that unfolds.

Monica Johnson is a woman on the run - from her past, from the law, and from her own conscience. She arrives in Paris under the guise of a tourist, but her true motives are shrouded in ambiguity. As Monica navigates the narrow streets and Parisian cafes, her anxiety and fear deepen with each step she takes into the unknown. The mask she wears to hide her inner turmoil is brittle, and she is constantly on the verge of having her true identity and reason for fleeing America unveiled.

Gregory Fitzgerald, a young and charismatic American also making his way to Paris, is seeking redemption and the chance to start anew. However, from the moment of their chance encounter, Monica and Gregory's lives become intertwined, leading Gregory to question his own motivations and resolve. A veteran of World War II, he is drawn to the mystique of post-war France but finds the shadows of conflict have not entirely lifted. Instead, Gregory stumbles into a drama that threatens to derail his aspirations for a peaceful European life.

Francesca, who owns a bohemian nightclub in the heart of Paris, is a key figure in Monica's plight. With a sharp wit and a disarming blend of warmth and cynicism, Francesca has her own reasons for taking an interest in Monica and Gregory. As their lives intersect, each character's quest for a second chance is complicated by the clandestine dealings and moral ambiguity that thrive behind the beautiful façade of Paris. Francesca's enigmatic presence suggests she knows more about the true nature of the city—and perhaps Monica—than she initially lets on.

Leisen, acclaimed for his sophisticated style and attention to detail in films such as "Hold Back the Dawn" and "Easy Living," brings his talent for crafting sumptuous and atmospheric settings to "Bedevilled." The director's eye for elegance amidst turmoil allows the audience to be swept away to the picturesque and historic landmarks of Paris while also feeling the pulse of suspense and fleeting romance. His ability to depict the light and shade of human emotion, the interplay of truth and pretense, and the complexity of relationships is evident throughout the film.

The tension in "Bedevilled" is palpable, as the narrative combines elements of romance, crime, and psychological intrigue. The characters' personal demons—and the external threats they face—are magnified by the confined spaces of the Parisian nightclubs, hotels, and alleyways. Cinematographically, the film reflects a noir influence with its stark contrasts, deep shadows, and the strategic use of light to highlight the characters' isolation and vulnerability. The haunting musical score echoes the narrative's twists and turns, enhancing the mood of suspense and foreboding.

Throughout the movie, the audience is left guessing who can be trusted, as each character's ulterior motives slowly emerge. Relationships are tested, and alliances are formed and broken in the blink of an eye, as love, loyalty, and survival become the currencies traded amid the metaphorical chess game being played.

"Bedevilled" remains a compelling example of the thriller genre from the mid-twentieth century, driven by strong performances from its lead actors. Anne Baxter effortlessly conveys Monica's internal battle and desperation, while Steve Forrest provides a sympathetic and intense portrayal of a man caught in the crossfire of his unintended involvement. Simone Renant's nuanced character adds an air of continental sophistication and intrigue that keeps the audience engaged until the final act.

While the film may not be as well-known as some of its contemporaries, "Bedevilled" offers an enthralling journey for fans of classic cinema, especially those who appreciate a thought-provoking thriller set in one of the world's most enchanting cities.

Bedevilled is a 1955 drama with a runtime of 1 hour and 25 minutes. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.7.

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