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US star Steve Forrest plays John Mannering, an antiques dealer and undercover agent working in an informal capacity for British Diplomatic Intelligence. The Baron is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on .

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1 Season, 30 Episodes
Cast: Steve Forrest, Sue Lloyd
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The Baron Full Episode Guide

  • The Baron seeks to help his ex girlfriend recover some stolen gold medallions.

  • The Baron discovers a plan to flood Britain with counterfeit money.

  • The Baron discovers that his Paris shop is being used for drug trafficking.

  • The Baron finds himself mixed up with Mafia mobsters in Italy.

  • The Baron finds the owner of a country home murdered and his daughter alone and petrified.

  • Cordelia flies to South America to meet an explorer.

  • Members of the criminal underworld seek the Baron's expertise on a painting.

  • The Baron has sold antiques on behalf of a revolutionary group.

  • The Baron buys an expensive necklace - and then discovers that he has been duped.

  • A mysterious suicide leads the Baron to investigate the disappearance of Phyllis Thornton.

  • The Baron visits a small-time crook in prison to find the stolen Petrograd icons.

  • Mannering and Cordelia travel to Austria where they find a fanatical Nazi regime.

  • An unlucky brooch spells trouble for Mannering and Cordelia.

  • Mannering learns of the plot to steal an American space capsule.

  • A missing crate leads to Cordelia witnessing a murder on board a cargo ship.

  • The murderer of an officer sends his henchmen to eliminate the prosecution's eyewitness.

  • Mannering suspects that his old friend Louisa Trenton is in trouble.

  • Mannering stops his car to pick up a petrified girl in a country lane.

  • The sale of a 5000 year old Samurai sword gives the Baron trouble.

  • An eccentric millionaire asks Mannering to witness him purchasing The Legions of Ammak.

  • Mannering and Cordelia are pursued by a woman scientist.

  • Mannering calls on Templeton-Green for help.

  • To prevent a robbery, Mannering poses as his double who was to have acted as a decoy.

  • After being knocked unconscious, Mannering wakes to find he now has a double.

  • Mannering and Cordelia travel to an Iron Curtain country for an espionage operation.

  • The Baron urgently needs to sell a valuable statue to raise money for the rebel cause.

  • The Baron agrees a deal to recover a 100,000 pounds Aztec mask from an ex-convict.

  • Mannering attends the funeral of Jim Carey, a former army colleague.

  • John Mannering, The Baron, is persuaded to work for Diplomatic Intelligence.

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