Classic Doctor Who

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In this sci-fi series, a strange time-traveling visitor from another planet tries to save the universe (and Earth) from evil forces. This collection focuses on the early episodes of the classic series, in contrast to the 21st-century revival that gained international success.

27 Seasons, 578 Episodes
November 23, 1963
Classic Doctor Who

Classic Doctor Who Full Episode Guide

  • The Seventh Doctor, played by Sylvester McCoy, clowned around in a question marked tank top and juggled his way around foes.

  • As the Sixth Doctor, played by Colin Baker, generated onto our screens in a patchwork blast of color, he brought with him his own sense of style and character.

  • The Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison, introduced viewers to a character who was fresh faced, youthful and more vulnerable than we had seen before.

  • As the Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker, donned his scarf, left planet Earth and returned to space, he created an ever-lasting iconic image of the wandering time traveller.

  • Along with the introduction of colour, the Third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee, brought with him action, stunts and car chases to the Doctor Who series.

  • The Second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton, brought a new energy to the series, with his impish charm and boundless enthusiasm.

  • The First Doctor, played by William Hartnell, introduced viewers to an incredible show that is still popular 50 years later.

  • As the alien world dies around them, the Doctor and the Master fight like animals before escaping to Earth, where their war ends. And somewhere else, the tea is getting cold.

  • Trying to work out why people have been disappearing from Perivale, Ace is cornered by a Cheetah-Person on a horse called Kara, who transports her to a far-off planet.

  • The Ancient Haemovore stands upon the Earth once again, determined to change the future by erasing the past and Ace finally feels love for her mother.

  • The Haemovores attack St Jude's church and the insane Millington willingly sacrifices his men. Doctor Judson dies, only to be reborn as the true evil, Fenric himself.

  • The Viking runes in the crypt contain a secret to Ace's past, while Millington and Judson's Ultima machine offers to break the chains of the Wolves of Fenric.

  • As Russian forces approach the English coastline, an ancient evil stirs beneath the surface of the water. For Ace and the Doctor, a deadly game of revenge has begun.

  • Only Redvers, still searching for the elusve Saxe-Coburg, seems to be able to withstand Light and communicate with Control and Ace realises her past actions need to be dealt with.

  • The Doctor and Scotland Yard's finest, Inspector Mackenzie, attempt to question Josiah Smith while both Light and Control emerge from their respective slumbers.

  • The Doctor and Ace explore Victorian house Gabriel Chase and realise it hides just as many dark secrets in its Drawing Room as it does in the dark cellar.

  • The Brigadier slays the Destroyer while Morgaine takes control of UNIT's nuclear warhead and prepares to start a countdown that will destroy Earth forever.

  • Furious at her inability to find and engage Arthur in battle, Morgaine threatens to unleash the Destroyer upon the planet unless the Doctor gives her what she wants.

  • The Doctor and Ace explore King Arthur's spaceship deep under Lake Vortigern, while Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart arrives in Carbury where he encounters Morgaine.

  • As UNIT are transporting a nuclear warhead around Carbury, knights in armour arrive to contine waging a war that began thousands of years ago, but in a wholly different dimension.

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