Bhola Bhala

Bhola Bhala is an action film from Bollywood and directed by Satpal. Its main character Ram Kumar Verma, a failed insurance agent, gets into great trouble when his manager sends him back to Madhya Pradesh, to cancel an insurance policy he had mistakenly given to Nathu Sigh, a wanted criminal dead or alive. He finds himself in grave danger, after been held hostage by Champa - Nathu’s wife - who did not like the generosity he was been shown by her husband. Will he manage to escape and will the police finally get to arrest Nathu and Champa?

| 1978 | | 6.4/10
Rajesh Khanna, Rekha, Moushumi Chatterjee, Joginder Shelly
Bhola Bhala
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Mai Bhola Bhala Hu Bhole Dil Wala Hu | Very Funny Song | Rajesh Khanna (Bhola Bhala Movie)|4:51
"Kaali Kaali Raatho Mein" | Romantic Hindi Song | Rajesh Khanna | Rekha | (Bhola Bhala)|3:09
Chuk Gayi Aakhe Teri Raho Pe | Emotional Song | Maushumi Chaterjee (Bhola Bhala Movie)|4:35
Kal Ki Fhikar Karega Jo Vo | Romantic Song | Rajesh Khanna, Rekha,(Bhola Bhala Movie)|4:19