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  • 1978
  • 6.3  (40)

Bhola Bhala is a 1978 Bollywood comedy-drama film directed by Satpal and starring Rajesh Khanna, Rekha, and Moushumi Chatterjee. The film tells the story of Bhola (Rajesh Khanna), a simple-minded man who lives with his widowed mother (Achala Sachdev) and younger sister (Madhu Chanda). Bhola has a heart of gold and always tries to do the right thing but often gets into trouble due to his naivety.

Bhola works as a musician and performs at weddings and parties. One day, he is approached by a wealthy man named Laxmi Narayan (Om Shivpuri) who wants him to teach music to his granddaughter Meena (Rekha). Meena is a spoilt and arrogant girl who initially dislikes Bhola but slowly falls in love with him.

Meanwhile, Bhola's sister falls in love with a man named Ravi (Ranjeet), who is actually a criminal wanted by the police. Bhola finds out about Ravi's true identity but decides to help him escape from the police. In doing so, he lands in trouble with the law himself.

Things take a dramatic turn when Bhola's mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness and needs an expensive operation. Bhola is unable to afford the treatment and turns to Laxmi Narayan for help. Laxmi Narayan agrees to pay for the operation but only if Bhola agrees to marry Meena.

Bhola is torn between his love for Meena and his loyalty to his sister. He finally decides to sacrifice his own happiness and agrees to marry Meena in exchange for the money needed to save his mother's life. However, on their wedding day, Meena finds out about Bhola's sacrifice and decides to call off the wedding. She realizes that Bhola's love for his family is more important than his own happiness.

The movie ends on a happy note as Bhola's mother recovers from her illness and Bhola finally finds true love with a woman who understands and appreciates him for who he is.

Bhola Bhala is a heartwarming film that explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the importance of family. Rajesh Khanna delivers an outstanding performance as Bhola, capturing the innocence and sincerity of the character. Rekha and Moushumi Chatterjee also give memorable performances as Meena and Bhola's sister, respectively.

The film's music, composed by R.D. Burman, is another highlight and features some memorable songs like "Aati Rahengi Baharen" and "Jab Chhaye Mera Jadoo." The film's comedy is also well-executed, providing moments of laughter and levity amidst the serious themes.

In conclusion, Bhola Bhala is a must-watch for fans of classic Bollywood cinema. It is a beautiful and uplifting film that will leave audiences with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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