Shankar Dada

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Shankar Dada (1976) is a Bollywood crime action film. Babubhai is a powerful local criminal but rival gangster Shankar Dada is ruining some of Babubhai’s deals. The two criminals meet and agree to work together and form a partnership. Babubhai finds out Shankar has a police inspector brother, Ram, who looks just like him. Babubhai convinces Shankar to act like Ram and replace him at the police station after they kidnap him. With Shankar in place, Babubhai is now free to perpetrate all kinds of criminal activities without impetus. These actions change everyone’s lives forever.

1976 | | 5.2/10
Ashok Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Anwar Hussain
Shibu Mitra
Shankar Dada
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