Bigger Than Life

"The story of the handful of hope that became a fistful of hell!"
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Ed Avery is a schoolteacher with a wife and one son. He begins to experience pain and sometimes blackouts and does not understand why. When he goes to the hospital, he is told that he may only have a few months to live because of a rare disease that hardens the arteries. They give him a little hope by way of cortisone injections. It is a clinical trial and there are no guarantees that it will cure his problem. He decides to give it a try because he really has nothing to lose. The injections do seem to work out quite well and he makes a recovery, but he has to stay on the medicine when he gets home. There is a sudden change in his moods and that could mean serious trouble for his family.

Not Rated
| 1956 | | 7.6/10
James Mason, Barbara Rush, Walter Matthau, Robert F. Simon
Nicholas Ray
Produced By
James Mason
Bigger Than Life
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