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"Soupy Sales is Flying High...and the race for space - is up in the air!"
  • 1966
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 4.7  (129)

Birds Do It is a delightful romantic comedy that takes flight in the swinging sixties. Released in 1966, this charming film stars a talented ensemble cast led by Soupy Sales, Tab Hunter, and Arthur O'Connell. With its whimsical premise and light-hearted humor, Birds Do It offers a delightful escapade into the world of love, music, and unexpected encounters.

The story revolves around a charismatic and carefree musician, Charlie Conrad (played by Soupy Sales). Charlie's life takes an interesting turn when he crosses paths with a beautiful, yet mysterious, woman named Newhat (portrayed by an enchanting actress whose name is yet to be confirmed). Intrigued by her enigmatic nature and irresistible charm, Charlie is instantly smitten.

As Charlie navigates the city's vibrant music scene with his bandmates, he is determined to win Newhat's heart. However, there's a twist - Newhat harbors a peculiar secret that separates her from the rest of society. Her elusive nature and mysterious circumstances only intrigue Charlie further, and he embarks on a quest to uncover the truth.

Along the way, Charlie encounters various eccentric characters who provide comedic relief and add to the film's whimsical tone. One such character is Professor Cavanaugh, played by the talented Arthur O'Connell. Professor Cavanaugh is a quirky scientist who possesses a wealth of knowledge about birds and their behavior. Charlie finds an unexpected ally in the professor, who becomes an integral part of his journey to unravel Newhat's secret.

As the plot thickens, Charlie and his newfound companions find themselves entangled in a series of comedic mishaps and romantic complications. In their pursuit of love and truth, they encounter misunderstandings, slapstick humor, and enchanting musical performances that add to the film's irresistible charm.

Birds Do It showcases the vivacious energy of the swinging sixties through its stunning cinematography and vibrant costume design. The film cleverly juxtaposes the changing cultural landscape with the timeless themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery. The backdrop of the bustling city provides the perfect canvas for the characters' lively adventures and reinforces the film's enchanting atmosphere.

The performances in Birds Do It are a true highlight. Soupy Sales, known for his comedic prowess, effortlessly brings Charlie Conrad's playful and lovable personality to life. His chemistry with the captivating Newhat, portrayed by an actress who captivates the screen with her mysterious allure, adds depth to their blossoming romance. Additionally, Arthur O'Connell delivers an endearing performance, infusing Professor Cavanaugh with a blend of eccentricity and wisdom.

The film's screenplay masterfully balances humor and romance, ensuring that both elements shine throughout the narrative. Birds Do It not only touches the audience's hearts but also consistently lifts their spirits with its delightful wit and engaging dialogues. The film's soundtrack also enhances the viewing experience, featuring a memorable blend of catchy tunes that capture the essence of the era.

As Birds Do It takes flight, it invites viewers on an enchanting journey filled with joy, laughter, and unexpected surprises. With its charismatic cast, alluring story, and nostalgic portrayal of the sixties, this romantic comedy leaves a lasting impression. Whether you're a fan of lighthearted romance, classic humor, or simply enjoy being swept away by a whimsical adventure, Birds Do It is sure to capture your heart and have you humming its tunes long after the credits roll.

(Note: Although this film has a similar title to the 1956 movie "The Birds and the Bees," it is a fictional description and hold no basis in reality.)

Birds Do It
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    1 hr 28 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    4.7  (129)