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"When Jayne Becomes the Olympic Prize...It's An Outdoor Variation on an Inside Sport!"
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It Happened in Athens is a romantic comedy released in 1962, directed by Andrew Marton and starring Jayne Mansfield, Trax Colton, and Nico Minardos. The movie tells the story of Angela, a swimmer from Kansas who travels to Athens to participate in the Olympic Games in 1896. Angela is determined to win a gold medal, but when she arrives in Athens, she realizes that she is the only female athlete representing the United States. Despite this setback, Angela meets a fellow athlete, Phineas, a long-distance runner from Scotland, who becomes her friend and ally. Phineas introduces Angela to his Greek friend, Takis, who shows her around Athens and helps her prepare for the upcoming competition.

As Angela trains and competes in the games, she begins to feel attracted to Takis, who is also falling for her. However, Angela is hesitant to pursue a relationship with Takis, as she fears it will distract her from her goal of winning a gold medal.

Meanwhile, Angela's coach and manager, JD, is concerned about her romantic involvement with Takis, as he believes it could damage her reputation and hurt her chances of achieving success.

As the Olympics draw to a close, tensions rise between Angela and JD, and she must decide whether to follow her heart or her head. Will she choose love, or will her ambition and desire for gold prevail?

It Happened in Athens is a lighthearted and entertaining movie with a great mix of romance, humor, and sports. The film features stunning locations, beautiful costumes, and memorable musical score. Jayne Mansfield delivers a brilliant performance as Angela, a strong-willed and determined athlete who is also vulnerable and emotional. Trax Colton and Nico Minardos provide excellent support as the two men fighting for Angela's affection.

The movie provides a glimpse into the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896, showing the various sports and competitions, as well as the cultural and social life in Greece at that time. The film captures the essence of the Olympic spirit, highlighting the importance of sportsmanship, determination, and unity.

Overall, It Happened in Athens is a feel-good movie with a timeless appeal, perfect for anyone who loves sports, romance, or just a good story. The movie showcases Jayne Mansfield's talents as an actress and a swimmer, and is a wonderful tribute to the history and legacy of the Olympic Games.

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