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"M-G-M's BIG Drama of Primitive Love!"
  • Approved
  • 1952
  • 1 hr 37 min
  • 6.5  (1,062)

In the movie The Wild North, Stewart Granger plays the role of Jules Vincent, a French-Canadian trapper living in the wilderness of the Yukon during the 19th century. Wendell Corey stars as Mountie Sergeant James MacKay, who has been called in to investigate the killing of a man and the disappearance of a woman. The woman in question is a beautiful dancer named Riiata (played by Cyd Charisse), who has fled to the wilderness to escape a group of criminals who are after her.

At the beginning of the movie, MacKay meets Vincent, who is suspected of committing the murder. However, Vincent insists on his innocence and eventually agrees to help MacKay track down the real killer. Along the way, they encounter various dangers in the harsh wilderness, including a pack of wolves, treacherous rapids, and rival gangs of criminals.

As Vincent and MacKay follow the trail of clues, they learn more about Riiata's past and her connection to the criminals who are pursuing her. They also begin to develop a mutual respect and admiration for each other, despite their initial distrust and animosity.

The Wild North is a classic adventure film that showcases the beautiful and rugged Canadian wilderness. The movie was shot on location in Alberta, Canada, and features stunning cinematography that captures the majestic landscape and natural beauty of the region. The movie also features exciting action sequences, including an intense chase scene on horseback and a dramatic showdown between Vincent and the real killer.

In addition to its thrilling action and beautiful visuals, The Wild North also explores themes of justice, redemption, and loyalty. The relationship between Vincent and MacKay is a central focus of the movie, as they learn to work together despite their differences in background and personality. Riiata's story also provides a compelling subplot that adds depth and emotion to the film.

Overall, The Wild North is a must-see movie for fans of classic adventure films and outdoor adventure. With its beautiful scenery, exciting action, and compelling characters, it continues to be a beloved classic of the genre.

The Wild North
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    6.5  (1,062)