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"Two killers, a deadly blonde and a million stolen dollars spell death on a lonely, lust-ridden island."
  • 1964
  • 1 hr 26 min
  • 5.4  (314)

Dog Eat Dog! is a 1964 crime caper film that blends elements of thrills, suspense, and dark humor against the backdrop of a sun-soaked Mediterranean setting. The movie's dynamic cast is headlined by the bombshell actress Jayne Mansfield, who was one of Hollywood's leading sex symbols in the late 1950s and early 1960s. She shares the screen with Cameron Mitchell, a versatile actor with a career spanning numerous genres, and Dodie Heath, known for her elegant presence and acting prowess.

Set on a scenic, fictional island, the story quickly immerses the audience in a world of treachery and greed. The plot revolves around a heist gone awry, featuring a suitcase filled with a million dollars stolen from a U.S. Treasury plane. The cash becomes the object of desire for a trio of criminals, each of whom is determined to outmaneuver the others and claim the fortune for themselves.

Jayne Mansfield portrays the sultry and cunning Darlene, a femme fatale whose beauty is as dangerous as her wit. Darlene is unapologetically ambitious and uses her charms to manipulate situations to her advantage. Her presence ignites tension among the group, as trust is a currency in short supply. Darlene is psychologically complex, revealing to the audience layers of vulnerability beneath her tough exterior.

Cameron Mitchell plays the role of Dolph Kostis, a hardened criminal whose experience and intelligence make him a formidable opponent. He's a crafty mastermind, adept at the art of deception and driven by an all-consuming desire for the stolen loot. His motives for wanting the money are more complex than mere greed, revealing a character with unexpected depth in a high-stakes game of survival.

Dodie Heath is the strong, yet subtly nuanced, Morella, a character who proves to be a pivotal piece in the unfolding drama. She displays a combination of tenacity and intrigue, contributing significantly to the tangled weave of alliances and betrayals. Morella's actions help drive the storyline forward, as she too, seeks to maneuver her way to the ultimate prize.

Supporting the main cast of characters is an array of shady figures, each bringing their unique brand of duplicity and desperation to the ensemble. There's a palpable atmosphere of paranoia and suspicion that pervades the film, with the idyllic setting contrasting sharply against the dark undertones of human nature portrayed on screen.

The direction of Dog Eat Dog! is stylized and energetic, ensuring that the pacing remains brisk and engaging throughout. The narrative is marked by unexpected twists and sharp turns, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as loyalties shift and true intentions are revealed. Cinematography captures the lush landscapes and opulent vistas of the Mediterranean, juxtaposing the beauty of the surroundings with the murky moral landscape the characters navigate.

The film's screenplay melds wit and tension, providing both moments of levity and suspense in a balanced concoction that underscores the absurdity and ruthlessness inherent in a life of crime. Its biting dialogue delivers lines that are memorable for their sharpness and ingenuity, often conveying more with a single sentence than a lengthy exposition could offer.

Despite its grim themes, Dog Eat Dog! flaunts a stylish aesthetic, with a nod to the flamboyant fashions of the era, especially through Mansfield's striking wardrobe. Her appearance is emblematic of the jet-set glamour of the 60s, serving as a visual treat and a character statement in its own right.

As the story unfolds, the rivalry between the characters intensifies, and what follows is a cat-and-mouse game filled with double-crosses and showdowns. The film's score complements the action, injecting a level of tension and audacity that molds the mood appropriately for each scene.

In all, Dog Eat Dog! is a blend of action, cunning strategy, and sharp dialogue that delivers a tale complete with all the hallmarks of a classic caper. The chase for the ill-gotten gains takes audiences on a wild ride loaded with thrills and dark humor, as they bear witness to the lengths to which people will go when driven by greed and desperation. The movie stands as a testament to the allure of crime cinematics of the 60s, captivating its audience with strong performances, scenic beauty, and a narrative that twists and turns its way to a memorable cinematic experience.

Dog Eat Dog! is a 1964 action movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 26 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.4.

Dog Eat Dog!
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    5.4  (314)