Bossa Nova

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"Bossa Nova" (2000) is a Brazilian romantic comedy set in Rio de Janeiro. It's a collection of interconnected stories about the romantic successes and failures of a group of people. One plotline involves a newly separated lawyer who is working on his father's divorce case. Another character is a soccer player who has become attracted to his English language teacher.

The title refers to a genre of Brazilian music which combines elements of jazz and samba. "Bossa nova" is Portuguese for "new thing."

| 2000 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.2/10 | 57/100
Amy Irving, Antônio Fagundes, Alexandre Borges, Débora Bloch
Bruno Barreto
Produced By
Lucy and Luiz Carlos Barreto
Bossa Nova
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Also starring Amy Irving

Also starring Antônio Fagundes