Broken Bridges

"Somentimes you have to back"
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The film Broken Bridges is a film about a country music star who reunites with his ex wife and then meet his teenage daughter. The film stars Toby Keith, Burt Reynolds, Kelly Preston, and Lindsey Haun. Our story begins wit Bo Price (Toby Keith's character), a country music singer, who gets the dreaded news that his brother has been killed during a military training exercise. Bo decides to head back to the funeral.

Bo arrives in the town and after a bit there reunites with Angela Delton (played by Kelly Preston.) While Bo has been off touring with his band, Angela has become a news reporter out of Miami and has birthed and raised her and Bo's daughter Dixie (who is played by Lindsey Haun) Bo has never met Lindsey as he walked away from Angela while Angela was still pregnant.

Bo is a bit shocked to learn that Angela has not allowed Dixie to see his part of the family. Even worse, Bo learns that Dixie has been experimenting with alcohol. Bo has a right to be worried as he himself was an alcoholic, though he is now sober.

After this realization what follows is that Bo decides to step in and be the parent. At first this is a bit awkward as Dixie chooses to question Bo's motives as he has not been in her life for sixteen years and he opted to become a deadbeat dad. However, through the course of the movie, she and Bo and for that matter Angela all start to grow closer and start becoming the family that they should have been. Towards the end of the movie, Bo learns that his daughter like him has a talent for singing country music. On this, Lindsey ends the movie by singing a song that she wrote at the funeral for her dead Uncle.

| 2006 | | 6.0/10 | 32/100
Brian F. Durkin, Jason Leith, Richard Tillman, Toby Keith
Steven Goldmann
Produced By
Sara Risher, Donal Zuckerman
Broken Bridges
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Also directed by Steven Goldmann