Buster and Billie

"What took place in that town in 1948 should have been a love story."
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Buster and Billie is a 1974 romantic drama about a popular, small town high school boy who falls in love with a local, poor girl, who is also the town tramp. In 1948 Georgia, Buster Lane (Jan-Michael Vincent) is the good looking, clean cut kid that all the girls swoon over. Buster hangs out with his group of friends, who routinely seek out sexual favors from the local, poor, backwoods girl, Billie Jo Truluck (Joan Goodfelow).

Buster's girlfriend, Maggie (Pamela Sue Martin) is a nice, upstanding girl. The trouble is, she won't have sex until after they are married. Buster soon tires of Maggie's hangups and seeks out Billie Jo to relieve his sexual frustrations. The relationship between Buster and Billie Jo begins as purely sexual, but develops into something deeper. The duo soon become inseparable and begins to fall in love. The entire town is taken aback as to why Buster would dump Maggie for such a girl as Billie Jo.

Buster's new found relationship with Billy Jo also raises the ire of his friends. As the romance blossoms, Buster's friends stew over the fact that he has seemingly abandoned them and taken away their source for easy sex. Buster's friends let their jealousy and outrage get the better of them and decide to do something foolish. The friends catch up with Billie Jo in the woods and attempt to force her to submit. When she refuses, she is badly beaten and left in the rain to die. Buster finds Billie Jo's naked and battered body in the mud. There's no doubt in his mind who the culprits are. Buster heads to the local pool bar to confront his friends. Buster immediately notices the muddy shoes; however, the guilt on their faces is apparent. Buster attacks and kills two of his friends and badly injures the other two. Buster is jailed but quickly released when the circumstances are made clear. Buster pulls up a huge bed of roses and takes them to Billy Jo's grave.

| 1974 | 1 hr 40 min | 7.1/10
Jan-Michael Vincent, Joan Goodfellow, Pamela Sue Martin, Clifton James
Daniel Petrie, Sidney Sheldon
Produced By
Ted Mann
Buster and Billie
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