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"It's not supposed to happen. Be there when it does."
  • PG
  • 1980
  • 1 hr 43 min
  • 7.1  (3,374)

Resurrection is a wildly emotional drama which revolves around the life of Edna Mae (played by Ellen Burstyn) and her journey of self-discovery through faith and spirituality. Edna Mae was just an ordinary housewife when she is involved in a devastating car accident that takes a toll on her physical and emotional well-being. She is declared dead on arrival at the hospital and is sent to the morgue.

But, something miraculous happens, and Edna Mae is resurrected, which leads to her experiencing strange visions and hallucinations. She starts having a connection with people's emotions and can see through their pain and turmoil. With her newfound abilities, she is able to heal and change the lives of people around her.

Her husband Joe (played by Sam Shepard) is understandably shaken and protective of her, but he can't seem to help her deal with the changes that have taken place in her life since the accident.

Edna Mae soon meets a kindred spirit in a fellow survivor from the accident, a man named Cal Carpenter (played by Richard Farnsworth). The two develop a close bond, and Cal becomes a crucial element in Edna Mae's transition from a mere human to a being with extraordinary abilities.

The powerful and moving performances of the actors fill the screen, and their chemistry shines as Ellen Burstyn and Richard Farnsworth share intense and intimate moments that bring out the best in each other. Both actors showed a deep understanding of their respective characters and delivered incredibly nuanced and heartfelt portrayals that make them natural scene-stealers. Sam Shepard also does a good job playing the confused and conflicted husband, who is unable to understand the changes happening to his wife.

The movie is beautifully shot, immersing viewers in the intense emotions experienced by Edna Mae and the people around her. The use of lighting and music create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere, bringing the viewer closer to her story.

The film's depiction of faith and spirituality is another powerful aspect of the story. Edna Mae's transformation is not just about her newfound powers, it is also about her reconnection to her faith and spirituality. As she heals those around her, she also heals herself, coming to peace with the tragedy that brought her here.

Overall, Resurrection is a touching and thought-provoking movie that will leave you with a deep sense of empathy and understanding. The skillful acting and direction make it a must-watch movie for anyone who loves a good emotional drama with depth and heart.

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    1 hr 43 min
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    7.1  (3,374)