Fort Apache, The Bronx

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"15 minutes from Manhattan there's a place where even the cops fear to tread."
  • R
  • 1981
  • 2 hr 5 min
  • 6.7  (6,820)
  • 49

Fort Apache, The Bronx is a gritty and intense drama set in the South Bronx in 1981. Directed by Daniel Petrie and starring Paul Newman, Edward Asner, and Ken Wahl, the film portrays the struggles of police officers in one of the most crime-ridden neighborhoods in New York City. The story follows the daily lives of police officers stationed at Fort Apache, a precinct located in the heart of the Bronx. The officers face a constant barrage of crime and violence, from drug deals to murders to gang warfare. They are often left to navigate the corrupt bureaucracy and apathy of their superiors, who seem more concerned with their own political agendas than the safety of the community.

Paul Newman plays Murphy, a veteran police officer who has been on the force for over 20 years. He leads a squad of officers who patrol the streets of the Bronx, and he is respected by both his fellow officers and the community they serve. However, Murphy's dedication to his job is often at odds with his personal life, which is in shambles due to his drinking and marital problems.

Edward Asner plays Morgan, the precinct captain who is more concerned with keeping his job and pleasing his superiors than actually fighting crime. Morgan is the epitome of bureaucratic incompetence, and his refusal to acknowledge the severity of the situation in the Bronx makes him a target of both his officers and the community.

Ken Wahl plays Isbecki, a young and idealistic police officer who is new to the Bronx. Isbecki is eager to make a difference in the community, but he quickly learns the harsh realities of policing in the South Bronx. He is often frustrated by the lack of support from his superiors and the pervasive corruption in the department.

The film does not shy away from the harsh realities of life in the Bronx. It shows the poverty, violence, and desperation that define the neighborhood, and it portrays the police officers as both heroes and victims of the rampant crime. The film's depiction of police brutality and corruption sparked controversy upon its release, with some critics accusing it of painting an unfair picture of law enforcement.

Fort Apache, The Bronx is a raw and powerful film that offers a glimpse into the challenges faced by police officers working in one of the most dangerous areas of New York City. The performances by Newman, Asner, and Wahl are all strong, and the film's realistic portrayal of life in the Bronx is both disturbing and thought-provoking. Ultimately, the film is a tribute to the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect their communities.

Fort Apache, The Bronx
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