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The film entitled Caught is all about a man who is fond of moving from place to place who finds himself in the home of a peaceful and happy family, where he sets confusion and destroys the family harmony. The film contains some thrilling scenes. Joe is married to Betty, whom he loves so much. They are owners of a small market where they sell fish as well as fish products. Their only son, Danny, has moved to Los Angeles, where he is following his dreams and training to become a successful actor. Joe is so dedicated to his job that he usually spends so much time over there at the market, leaving Betty alone at home.

Nick is a young man who is considered a vagabond due to his lifestyle. He goes around the city moving from one house to another since he does not have a fixed home where he lives. He finds his way to the house of Joe and Betty, and out of compassion for him they decide to accept him into their home. They also give him a job at their fish market and asked him to move into Danny’s room. Nick is also interested in Betty somehow and starts a relationship with her. However, her husband, Joe, does not notice anything until his son, Danny, comes back home.

Nick, however, encourages Joe to dream bigger and not just limit himself to the small fish market. Danny comes back home and realizes so many changes have taken place. He notices the changes in his mother’s attitude, her involvements with Nick and also his father’s ambitions. What annoys him the most is the fact that his parents accepted a total stranger into their home, and this stranger has replaced him as the only child.

The film was directed by Robert Young. The characters include Edward James starring as Joe, Arie Verveen as Nick, Steven Schub as Danny, María Conchita as Betty.

| 1996 | 1 hr 50 min | 6.5/10
Edward James Olmos, Maria Conchita Alonso, Arie Verveen, Bitty Schram
Robert M. Young
Produced By
Richard Brick
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