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In late 19th century Scotland the idealistic Doctor Paul Reisner is a young doctor who starts a new job at the Whiteweather Institute, a prestigious medical center run by the brilliant Professor Mandry. Mandry quickly spots his potential and takes him on as his assistant and Mandry is thrilled at the opportunity to help advance medical science while also assisting the professor in his work among the poor. But their relationship sours when the two men clash over a potential medical advancement and a shocking ethical breach.

| 1993 | | 6.1/10
Charles Dance, Clive Owen, Miranda Richardson, Robert Stephens
Century is a 1993 British film, written and directed by playwright Stephen Poliakoff. Clive Owen stars as a 19th century Jewish doctor who, while studying at a research institute, discovers that the authoritative Doctor (played by Charles Dance) is steri
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