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A 900 year old college name Trinity College, was originally a rich, classy and upper class college. Now the college has started letting regular students enroll in the college. One of the students that had enrolled was Charlotte. She enrolled specifically at this college because before the new semester had started her father, who was a professor, had died. Her father's death was never explained and remained a mystery.

Sundays at 10:00 PM on ITV2
1 Season, 22 Episodes
September 20, 2009
Cast: Charles Dance

Trinity Full Episode Guide

  • Members of A.X., the Inqusitorial Department, and the crew of The Ghetto join forces to stop Kampher and the Order of Rosen Kreuz from destroying Albion and, soon after, the world. Caterina sends Father Tres on an urgent mission, which Cain intends to stop. With Abel defeated, what chance does anyone have against the Contra Mundi?

  • Death Hunters attack the vampires of the underground Ghetto, as Petro battles to lead the Pope to safety. Abel faces off against Dietrich?and against someone far more powerful, and closer to him than he could've expected?

  • During a state visit to Londinium to attend the funeral of the Queen of Albion, Esther and the Pope are trapped in the underground factory known as the Ghetto when vampire terrorists attack. The A.X. team races to save them, with the grudging assistance of Petro and Paula of the Inquisition?and depending on Abel's mysterious knowledge of the Lost Technology?

  • Esther and Ion must fight to survive in prison, while Asta and Abel rush to save them. After being publicly accused as a traitor, Suleyman soon discovers that there is no way to deny his accustations as it turns out that Seth is the Empress. Abel rushes to stop Dietrich (disguised as Radu) from repairing and using a weapon of mass destruction. Dietrich retaliates, and Abel is saved by Seth, who has revealed herself as his sister. Seth warns Abel that Cain is still alive, and he sets out to find him.

  • Ion Fortuna and Sister Esther find themselves unwitting pawns in an elaborate plot to murder the Empress- One which reveals a more sinister treachery emerging from the shadows. Together, they must face ghosts from the past in order to secure a future for the Methuselah/Human alliance.

  • While Esther recovers from her injuries with the help of the mysterious child Seth, Ion is stunned to find himself face to face with the supposedly dead Radu, who challenges him to stop him from killing the Empress. He also plants a seed of doubt in Ion when he tells him of Esther's past?doubt that could spell disaster for them all.

  • After escaping to the refuge of Asta's mansion, Asta and Abel devise a plan to clear the name of Ion Fortuna, who is now suspected of the murders of his own family. They decide to attend a council meeting held by The Empress to plead his case. In the meantime, Ion and Esther search the city for Minmarl, a man that Ion believes may hold some clue as to who actually committed the murders.

  • Esther and Abel accompany Ion back to Byzantium, capital of the Empire, to meet with the Empress. But when mysterious assailants attack Ion's home and apparently murder his grandmother, Ion finds himself accused of the crime. With the assistance of his old comrade Asta, Abel must help Ion clear himself with the Empress?who may have a secret of her own?

  • Dietrich'the Puppet Master?seizes control of the Inquisition air ships and turns them against the city, while at the same time sending a monstrous new type of undead assassin against Caterina. Abel, Esther, Ion, and a reluctant Petro race to head off the threat?even as the traitor Radu prepares to end Ion's mission of peace once and for all?

  • The race is on! Imperial Messenger, Ion Fortuna, flees the clutches of Brother Petro in an attempt to meet with Lady Caterina, who has also attracted the ire of the Inquisitorial Department. Alone and outnumbered, Father Abel tries to aid Ion with help from Sister Esther. However, the real threat is unmasked as an Imperial double-agent, bent on shooting the Messenger!

  • Whispers of an assassination attempt on Lady Caterina are validated when a vampire, Ion, attempts to contact her unannounced. The Vatican responds by sending an execution squad, intending to slay first and ask questions later. However, Father Abel makes a startling discovery that could mark a turning point in the conflict.

  • In Venice, Abel teams with an agent of the Empire, the vampiress Astaroche Asran, to hunt down a vampire mass murderer of humans, Enderle Kudza. But Astaroche has a personal grudge against Enderle and a great deal of contempt for what she regards as Terran interference. Abel may have a hard time determining who the greater danger is: the mass murderer? or his vengeful partner?

  • Archbishop D'Este plans to use The Silent Noise, a destructive sound-wave device, to destroy Rome. Lady Caterina is held under house arrest for her suspicions, and is secretly brought before D'Este so he may try to persuade her to join his cause, and to join forces with the Contra Mundi. Abel, still distraught over the loss of Sister Noelle, arrives in time to save her from D'Este, only to encounter a new foe: Isaac Fernand von Kampfer, a high ranking official of the Contra Mundi. Who is this new enemy, and what secrets and powers might he possess?

  • Though grief stricken by the events in Barcelona, the agents of A.X. scramble to prevent Rosen Kreuz from carrying out their plan to destroy Rome with the Silent Noise device. But they may have to act without Abel, who turns in his gun because of his failure to stop Kampfer?just when the power of the Crusnik may be needed most?

  • Gaudain returns to Trinity college and discovers that Maltravers is out of control. Dr Cooper feels under pressure. Charlotte is in trouble.

  • Rosalind decides to give up her job as student rep and Charlotte decides to try to get rid of the Dandelion Club's secret society once and for all. An envoy is sent by The Project to check up on Maltravers.

  • Following his boyfriend Ross's death, Jonty becomes suspicious if it really was a suicide. Jonty turns down Professor Maltravers deal which ends up having consequences.

  • Some former Trinity alumni come back to the college on Founder's Day. Maltravers isn't happy when one of them turns out to be Hunter who is now the world's richest man. Maddy's boyfriend shows up on campus.

  • Charlotte and Rosalind battle it out to be first year representative in the college elections. The Warden's suspicions start to grow. Lord Gaudain is concerned that Maltravers could be losing it.

  • Following Ross's suicide, Charlotte decides to discover the truth about what really happened. Maltravers continues to try and find the missing hourglass pendant. There is a power struggle in the Dandelion Club after Maltravers takes his frustrations out on Dorian.

  • Ross Bonham risks being expelled after he shows a violent tendency. His actions sets Theo against Professor Maltravers. Angus and Raj help Dorian with his prank on the college statue.

  • Charlotte Arc's father who was a professor at the university is found dead just before the new term is due to begin. Charlotte decides to enrol at the university so that she can discover the truth about her father's death. Charlotte and the other new students soon learn about a world of drugs, sex and secret societies one of which is called the Dandelion Club.

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