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"Never forget who you are"

Cypher is a movie that was released in theaters in 2002. It came out on DVD three years later in 2005. It is in the science fiction category, and the lead character is Morgan Sullivan. He is currently unemployed and is bored with his day-to-day routine. His wife wants him to join her father’s company, but he refuses. He does not want to work for his father-in-law. Instead of doing as his wife suggests, he becomes a spy involved in corporate espionage. He is sent on frequent conventions to record the presentations for Digicorp. Morgan Sullivan starts experiencing both neck pain and nightmares that are preventing him from sleeping well. His wife worries about it, but he brushes it off.

He meets a woman named Rita Foster. Rita helps Morgan Sullivan by giving him medication that stops both the neck pain and the nightmares. She advises him not to give the company the next recording. He routinely takes the pills that Rita Foster gives him, and they work. Morgan suddenly is confused. He starts wondering what is going on with his work, and he wonders about why this woman is helping him so much.

As the movie progresses, Morgan Sullivan spends more time with Rita Foster as she advises him. She offers an antidote, telling him that it will keep him from being influenced. Morgan takes the antidote, and Rita tells him that no matter what he sees, he must not break his cover under any circumstances. Morgan Sullivan agrees with her, and when he is at the next convention, what he sees shocks him. All the other people that have been attending the conventions are just like him. While at the convention, they are brainwashed and given new identities. Morgan Sullivan convinces the scientists that he has been brainwashed and he is a different person than when he walked in.

| 2002 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.8/10
Jeremy Northam, Lucy Liu, Nigel Bennett, Timothy Webber
Vincenzo Natali
Produced By
Richard J. Anobile, Shebnem Askin, Paul Federbush, E.K. Gaylord II Wendy Grean Casey La Scala Hunt Lowry

Also starring Jeremy Northam

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