Dangerous Exile

"SWASHBUCKLING ADVENTURE! A rogue saved a King from the guillotine."
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Louis XVII is being kept captive in a French cell and tortured by his captors leading to a British aristocrat switching his own son with the boy king in a bid to secure the French throne. Escaping by hot air balloon the monarch of France crashes on a remote island where an American woman, Virginia is the only inhabitant. Virginia decides to try and nurse the young boy back to his full physical and mental strength, however his pursuers are soon on the trail of the missing king.

| 1958 | 1 hr 33 min | 5.5/10
Louis Jourdan, Belinda Lee, Keith Michell, Richard O'Sullivan
Brian Desmond Hurst
Dangerous Exile
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Also starring Louis Jourdan

Also starring Belinda Lee