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  • 1934
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Dark Hazard from 1934 is a gripping drama set in the world of gambling and horse racing. The movie revolves around a former engineer named Jim Turner who has become addicted to gambling after losing his job during the Great Depression. Edward G. Robinson plays the role of Jim, infusing his character with a mix of charm and desperation.

Jim meets a young woman named Valerie Bruce (Genevieve Tobin) at a racetrack in California. She is intrigued by Jim's knowledge of horses and the two strike up a conversation. Valerie is a horse owner and they quickly form a bond. However, Jim's addiction to gambling begins to take its toll on their relationship.

Dark Hazard features a cast of strong supporting characters, including the fast-talking reporter Marge (Glenda Farrell) who is always around to add some humor and sass to the movie. Marge is constantly trying to get a scoop and is not afraid to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants.

As the movie progresses, Jim's addiction deepens and he becomes more and more desperate for a big score. His luck seems to change when he meets a wealthy gambler named Garland (Sidney Toler) who takes a liking to him. Garland is convinced that Jim has a system that could win big and he agrees to bankroll him. Jim's fortunes seem to be on the rise, but as with all things involving gambling, luck can change in an instant.

The tension builds as Jim's addiction threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. He becomes increasingly reckless, borrowing money from loan sharks and lying to his girlfriend about his whereabouts. The movie's second half is full of twists and turns as Jim's addiction leads him down a dangerous path.

One of the film's strongest aspects is the realistic portrayal of the world of gambling in the 1930s. The movie accurately depicts the highs and lows of betting on horses and the tactics used by bookies and loan sharks to ensnare their victims. The movie also shows the way that race tracks functioned in that era, with attendees from all walks of life placing their bets and rooting for their favorite horses. It is clear that the filmmakers behind the movie wanted to create a rich and believable world that would suck the audience in and keep them engaged.

Edward G. Robinson brings his trademark intensity to the role of Jim. He conveys the character's obsessive tendencies and the desperation that comes with addiction. In one particularly memorable scene, Jim is so consumed with betting on horses that he misses his own wedding. Robinson effectively conveys the self-loathing that Jim feels after this incident.

Genevieve Tobin is also very good in the role of Valerie. She is kind and supportive of Jim, even as his addiction threatens to tear them apart. Tobin shows a great deal of range as an actress, making it easy for the audience to root for her character.

Glenda Farrell's role as Marge is also worth noting. Her character adds levity to the proceedings and is a nice counterbalance to the dark subject matter. Farrell is a talented actress who knows how to deliver comedic lines with precision.

In conclusion, Dark Hazard from 1934 is a powerful drama that explores the pitfalls of addiction and the world of gambling. The movie is anchored by a strong performance from Edward G. Robinson and features a talented supporting cast. The story is engaging and the pacing is brisk. It's a film that is well worth checking out for fans of classic Hollywood cinema.

Dark Hazard
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