Diving In

"A last chance to win... A first chance to love."

"Diving In" is the story of Wayne Hopkins, a high school student who overcomes personal fears and being bullied at school to accomplish his dream. Along the way, he gains the confidence he needs to succeed and stand up to the bullies, eventually earning their respect. Wayne knows what he wants to achieve, but he is paralyzed by fear every time he tries. To make matters worse, he has to compete against the school bully. Even the coach doesn't think Wayne has what it takes. But a former Olympic athlete sees Wayne's determination and decides to coach him to victory.

| 1990 | 1 hr 32 min | 4.2/10
Matt Adler, Kristy Swanson, Burt Young, Yolanda Jilot
Strathford Hamilton
Produced By
Jeffrey R. Neuman (co-producer), Martin Wiley (producer)
Diving In
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Also starring Matt Adler

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