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  • 2007
  • 7.1  (177)

Dragon Boys is a 2007 Canadian drama film about two brothers, Sonny and Steven, growing up in Vancouver's Chinatown during the 1980s. The film follows their journey from being aspiring members of their father's gang to becoming legitimate businessmen. The film stars Darryl Quon as Sonny, Christina Ma as Betty, Lawrence Chou as Steven, and Byron Mann as Tony.

The film starts with Sonny and Steven getting arrested by the police on a typical night out. They are hauled in front of the judge who warns them that they are destined for a life of crime if they do not change their ways. This warning does not have much impact on Steven, who is already involved in his father's gang. But Sonny, who has dreams of being a professional musician, is deeply affected by it.

The film then jumps back to their childhood where we see Sonny and Steven growing up in a Chinatown tenement. Their mother had left them with their father, an infamous gangster, when they were young. Their father, Big Brother Shen, runs a gambling den and is involved in all sorts of shady dealings. Shen is verbally and physically abusive towards his sons, especially Steven, who he sees as his heir.

As the boys grow older, Steven starts getting involved in his father's gang, while Sonny pursues his love for music. Their paths diverge, but they remain close. Sonny's music career takes off, and he starts playing in clubs across the city. Steven, on the other hand, becomes increasingly involved in the gang's violent activities.

The conflict between Sonny and Steven comes to a head when Sonny refuses to perform at one of his father's events. Steven, who had organized the event, is furious and attacks Sonny in front of his band. This altercation highlights the growing rift between the brothers and how they are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Meanwhile, the police start cracking down on gang activity in Chinatown, which puts pressure on Sonny and Steven's father. He starts pushing his sons to take over his business, but Sonny resists. Steven, on the other hand, sees this as his chance to prove himself to his father. He starts taking on more and more dangerous jobs until a tragic event occurs that irreparably damages his relationship with his father.

The film culminates in a showdown between Sonny and Steven. Sonny, having realized that his brother is beyond redemption, takes it upon himself to take down his father and his gang. This takes a toll on Sonny's personal life as he starts getting blackmailed by the police. Steven, who has become more violent and unstable, sees this as his chance to finally prove himself to his father.

Dragon Boys is a gritty and intense film that explores themes such as family loyalty, identity, and the struggle to break free from one's past. With excellent performances by the entire cast and a well-written script, the film does a great job of immersing the viewer in Chinatown's seedy underbelly. The film also touches upon issues such as police corruption, immigration, and racism that are still relevant today.

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