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"A slacker competes with a repeat winner for the "Employee of the Month" title at work"

Employee of the Month is a comedy about a man named Zack Bradley who lives with his grandmother and works at the local Super Club as a box boy. He’s friends with almost everyone is the store, but he and the Employee of the Month for the 17th time straight, Vince, just don’t get along. When the new cashier Amy shows up, Zack and Vince begin to compete against each other to win her affection.

Vince decides to ask Amy out on a date and she accepts, only things don’t quite go the way he’d hoped. Due to Vince’s constant attempt to make a move on her, Amy is disgusted, only Vince doesn’t notice. Meanwhile in the store the employees are still all talking about the new girl. Rumor starts that she slept with the employee of the month at her last store, so Zack decides that that is how he will get the girl.

Zack decides to stop being such a slacker, get to work on time and work harder. In the meantime, Zack asks Amy out on a date and she accepts with him as well. Vince starts catching on to the new competition and will stop at nothing to mess with Zack. In the mean time, as events go on, Zack’s friends feel that he has turned into Vince and stop talking to him.

So consumed in trying to beat Vince and be employee of the month, just so he can win the girl, he starts to lose sight of himself. At the end of the month, the gold stars are counted and Vince and Zack tie. To determine who’d be the employee of the month, they had a final competition, in which Vince wins. Later, at a ceremony dinner for the winner, the security guard of the store shows up with a security tape showing that Vince cheated. He had been purposely not bagging items for quite some time and he was finally caught, making Zack the employee of the month. Plus, despite the rumors being false, Zack still manages to get the girl in the end.

| 2006 | | 5.5/10 | 36/100
Dane Cook, Jessica Simpson, Dax Shepard, Andy Dick

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