Exit to Eden

"To crack this case, these two cops will have to flash more than their badges."
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Exit to Eden is about a young photographer named Elliott Slater who enjoys living a wild lifestyle. Elliott starts to worry that his promiscuous ways are getting the better of him and decides to visit a pleasure-themed island called "Eden" to see if he can work through these issues. Before he leaves for Eden, Elliott takes a photo of Omar, an infamous jewel thief that has been avoiding detection from authorities for years. Omar and his partner Nina decide to follow Elliott to Eden to steal the film. Investigators Sheila Kingston and Fred Lavery have been hot on the trail of Omar for some time and go to Eden in the hopes of catching the thief in the act. Sheila and Fred do not want to blow their cover, so they disguise themselves as workers on the island.

Meanwhile, Elliott is struggling with his addictions until he meets Mistress Lisa Emerson, who runs the resort. Lisa attempts to make Elliott her personal submissive, but ends up having feelings for the young man. When the pair take a short trip to New Orleans, Lisa tells Elliott how difficult it is for her to show her true feelings. She also tells Elliott that she loves him, which surprises him. The moment of romantic intimacy is broken up when Omar shows up to shoot Elliott and get the film.

Sheila and Fred show up at the exact right moment to save Elliott and Lisa and capture Omar and Nina. The successful investigation earns Sheila and Fred commendations from their commanding officer. Meanwhile, Elliott learns to put his lustful urges aside and allow his true feelings for Lisa to shine through.

This is a coming of age story at heart. Elliott is young and handsome, but he is also unfocused and selfish. Meeting Lisa changes both of their lives and forces them to think less about themselves and more about each other. This new maturity is a running theme throughout the film, as Elliott continues to feel and express more adult emotions.

For Sheila and Fred, Eden awakens them to a world that they never knew existed, opening their minds to fresh ideas. They both realize that they have gotten a little too serious and learn to loosen up and have fun every once in a while.

| 1994 | 2 hr | 4.2/10
Dana Delany, Paul Mercurio, Rosie O'Donnell, Dan Aykroyd
Garry Marshall
Produced By
Garry Marshall, Alexandra Rose
Exit to Eden
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