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"UNRATED. A film with many happy endings..."
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Extreme Movie is a series of short segments mostly revolving around the subjects of sex and dating. These segments are intercut with dating advice from one of the film's actors. The primary segment is about Mike, who is trying to impress a girl he likes named Stacy. Stacy is unsure about Mike and Mike is too embarrassed to tell her how he feels. After a series of outrageous attempts to get her attention, Mike eventually wins Stacy over only to decide that she is not right for him after all.

Fred is a shy teen who prefers to spend most of his time online. He decides that he should find a girlfriend. He finally meets a girl online that he likes and the two decide to meet in person. In fact, they make the decision to role play when they first meet in an attempt to play out some of their fantasies. Unfortunately, Fred enters the wrong apartment during the role play and chaos ensues. The girl that Fred meets online, named Betty, is frustrated by this experience and decides to continue this adventurous behavior with Chuck.

Meanwhile, Chuck's friend Justin is growing lonely as his friends find love so he decides to buy an adult toy to keep him company. It turns out, the adult toy has a mind of its own and gets jealous when Chuck falls for a real-life girl.

Barry and Leon are a pair of computer geeks who have trouble meeting women. So, they decide to put their vast computer knowledge to work to create a girl on their computer. It turns out that the experiment works a bit too well. Even though the woman they create is beautiful, she is also crazy, and turns Barry and Leon's lives upside down.

Extreme Movie deals with the frustrations of teen sex and dating. Most of the segments here are risque in tone, emphasizing the underdeveloped notions of sex commonly held by teens.

| 2008 | | 3.6/10
Patrick J. Adams, Denise Boutte, Brian Burt, Michael Cera
Adam J. Epstein,Andy Jacobsen
Produced By
Laura Lichstein,Richard Suckle,Warren Zide

Also starring Patrick J. Adams

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