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"Can you stomach it?"
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  • 2005
  • 5.3  (6,047)

Feed is a psychological thriller movie that was released in 2005. It was directed by Brett Leonard and starred Alex O'Loughlin, Patrick Thompson, and Gabby Millgate. The movie is set in Sydney, Australia, and tells the story of a detective named Phillip Jackson (Alex O'Loughlin) who is investigating a series of murders targeting young women. The victims all seem to have something in common: they are all overweight, and they all seem to be fans of a website called "Feederism."

Feederism is a fetish subculture that revolves around feeding and gaining weight. People who are part of this subculture take pleasure in overeating and gaining weight, and they often form relationships with "feeders" who encourage them to eat even more.

As Phillip delves deeper into the case, he discovers that the killer is using the Feederism website to find his victims. He also learns that the website is run by a mysterious figure known only as "The Doctor," who seems to have a warped view of the world and enjoys manipulating both feeders and feedees.

Phillip begins to suspect that The Doctor is not just a voyeuristic website administrator, but may actually be the killer himself. He enlists the help of Deidre (Gabby Millgate), a woman who has battled with feedism in the past, to help him navigate the strange world of the feederism subculture.

The movie takes a dark turn when Phillip becomes obsessed with bringing The Doctor to justice. He becomes increasingly desperate to find and stop the killer, even as his personal life begins to unravel. His girlfriend, a fellow detective named Marie, is concerned for his well-being, but Phillip is too focused on his mission to listen.

As the investigation reaches its climax, Phillip uncovers shocking truths about the relationship between The Doctor and the killer. The movie ends on a chilling note, leaving the audience to ponder the disturbing themes presented throughout the film.

Overall, Feed is a disturbing and thought-provoking movie that explores the dangerous world of online subcultures and the lengths people will go to pursue their obsessions. The performances by Alex O'Loughlin, Patrick Thompson, and Gabby Millgate are all excellent, and the film's haunting visuals and eerie soundtrack add to the overall feeling of unease. It's not a movie for everyone, but for those who enjoy psychological thrillers and dark, disturbing stories, Feed is definitely worth checking out.

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