Five Graves to Cairo

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"Did a Woman Start the Rout of Rommel?"
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  • 1943
  • 1 hr 32 min
  • 7.3  (6,595)

In the midst of WWII, an inexperienced British soldier named John Bramble, played by Franchot Tone, escapes from the brutal German invasion and finds himself hiding in an abandoned hotel in the African desert. The hotel owner, Farid, played by Akim Tamiroff, recognizes Bramble as British and decides to help him avoid being captured by the Nazis.

Bramble, a former hotel employee himself, takes on the identity of the recently deceased waiter Davos and, with Farid's assistance, begins to work at the hotel. Bramble quickly discovers that the hotel's previous occupants were Germans, including Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, who used the hotel as his headquarters for his North African campaign.

While working undercover, Bramble learns of a secret German plan to invade Cairo and reports it to the British army. As the British army prepares to face the Germans head-on, Bramble must continue to work his way into Rommel's confidence to gather more intelligence.

During his time at the hotel, Bramble also encounters the enigmatic Mouche, played by Anne Baxter, who is a French maid working for the Germans. Mouche is fighting her own personal battles, as she is desperately trying to escape the clutches of a sadistic German officer, Major Von Buelow, who is responsible for the death of her family.

As Bramble works to thwart the German invasion, he forms a connection with Mouche, who is also fighting for the Allied cause. Together, they navigate the treacherous terrain of the desert and evade German capture, all while trying to outsmart the cunning Rommel.

Five Graves to Cairo is a thrilling wartime drama that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. The tense atmosphere of the desert setting adds to the palpable sense of danger and urgency that permeates the film. The complex and well-written characters are portrayed with depth and nuance by the talented cast, particularly Anne Baxter in her breakout role.

Director Billy Wilder brings his trademark style to the film, infusing it with suspense, humor, and unexpected twists. The film's gripping plot and stunning cinematography make it a timeless classic and a must-see for fans of wartime cinema.

Overall, Five Graves to Cairo is a compelling and thrilling drama that combines war, espionage, romance, and betrayal into a captivating narrative. The film's strong performances, stylish direction, and intricate plot make it an enduring classic of its genre.

Five Graves to Cairo
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    1 hr 32 min
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (6,595)