Floored by Love

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This family comedy takes a look at several residents of an apartment complex in Vancouver who are struggling with their individual identities after same sex marriage in Canada is declared legal. Cara and Janet are a Chinese-Japanese lesbian couple whose future is thrown into doubt after Janet starts pressuring Cara to marry her, and Cara's parents pressure her to enter into a traditional heterosexual relationship. Norman is an accountant who must confront his own prejudices when his gay teenage step-son decides he wants to leave home and follow his gay biological father back to New York City to pursue acting.

| 2005 | 1 hr | 5.7/10
Shirley Ng, Natalie Skye, Michael Robinson, Trenton Millar
Desiree Lim
Produced By
Desiree Lim, Shan Tam
Floored by Love
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