Forty Shades of Blue

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Forty Shades of Blue begins with Alan James and his stunning Russian girlfriend named Laura. Alan is an extremely wealthy producer and is thirty years older then Laura. They met while Alan was away on business in Russia. They built a family together and also had a son who is three years old. They all live together in a mansion located in Memphis, Tennessee. Laura started to feel isolated even though she was living comfortably in every other way.

Alan also has an adult son from a previous marriage, but their relationship is very complicated. His son decided to return home to Memphis after many years of being gone. His son never approved of Laura being with his father. Upon his return something had changed, and his son began having an affair with Laura, which becomes very dangerous.

| 2004 | 1 hr 48 min | 6.2/10 | 74/100
Dina Korzun, Rip Torn, Darren E. Burrows, Andrew Lawrence Henderson
Ira Sachs
Forty Shades of Blue
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Also starring Dina Korzun