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  • NR
  • 2019
  • 1 hr 49 min
  • 4.2  (802)

Fraud Saiyaan is a 2019 Indian comedy-drama film directed by Sourabh Shrivastava and features a talented cast including Arshad Warsi, Saurabh Shukla, and Flora Saini. The film showcases the life of a charismatic conman who is a master of fraud and deceit, and how he uses his skills to cheat women and swindle them out of their money.

The film focuses on the life of Bhola Prasad Tripathi, played by the exceptional Arshad Warsi, who is a smooth-talking, charming and naturally gifted conman. Bhola is a man who has made a career out of his fraudulent abilities and is always on the lookout for his next victim. He is a master of disguise, and can effortlessly transform himself into any character to fulfill his wicked intentions.

Bhola’s modus operandi involves finding vulnerable women and using his charm to get them to fall in love with him. Once he has won their trust, he exploits them and takes their money before disappearing without a trace. He then moves on to his next target, a cycle that he has perfected over the years. His latest target is Payal, played by the gorgeous Flora Saini, who is a confident and independent woman in her thirties. Although warned by her close friend about Bhola’s history of deceitful ways, she still decides to give him a chance.

As the story unfolds, we see Bhola’s world come crashing down around him. His past begins to catch up with him and he suddenly becomes embroiled in a web of deception that threatens to bring an end to his fraudulent ways once and for all. The arrival of Inspector Dubey, played by the brilliant Saurabh Shukla, throws a wrench into Bhola's plans and he finds himself on the run, trying to stay one step ahead of the law.

Fraud Saiyaan is a movie that walks a fine line between comedy and drama, and the cast does an outstanding job of bringing their respective characters to life. The film’s dialogues are sharp, witty, and delivered flawlessly by the actors, making it an enjoyable watch.

What sets Fraud Saiyaan apart from other movies in this genre is its ability to appeal to both genders. The film manages to keep the male viewers engaged with its dialogues, while the female viewers can empathize with the plight of the women who fall prey to Bhola's manipulative tactics.

Director Sourabh Shrivastava has done a commendable job of weaving together an entertaining story with engaging and relatable characters. He keeps the narrative tight and doesn’t drag the story or indulge in unnecessary subplots. The pacing of the film is spot on and never stalls, maintaining the audience’s attention from start to finish.

The music of the film, composed by Sohail Sen, is catchy and engaging. The songs complement the story well and do not seem out of place. The choreography is also notably impressive, especially in the songs’ dance sequences, which are both fun and energetic.

Overall, Fraud Saiyaan is a commendable film with a cast that delivers phenomenal performances. It is a well-made movie that provides an entertaining look into the life of a conman and the women he encounters. The film is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a good comedy-drama with gripping characters and witty dialogues.

Fraud Saiyaan
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