G.I. Joe: The Movie

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A full-length movie based on the animated series, G.I. Joe pits the Joes against their greatest threat yet. There is a power struggle within the organization of Cobra between Cobra Commander and Serpentor. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger breaks into the Cobra Terror Drome. When the stranger catches up with Serpentor, she reveals that she is Pythona and also reveals his destiny.

Meanwhile, in the Himalayan mountains, the Joes are working on their latest project for solving the energy crisis, called the Broadcast Energy Transmitter (BET). They are suddenly attacked by Cobra, led by Serpentor, in an attempt to steal the BET which results in Serpentor being rendered unconscious. Cobra Commander leads the organization to a sanctuary. However, a unit formed by Roadblock catches up with them. Unfortunately, new baddies emerge from under the snow.

Back at Joe Headquarters, Beachhead is training up new members for the Joe team called the Rawhides. They consist of Jinx, Law, Tunnel Rat, Big Lob and Lt. Falcon, who is undisciplined and takes very little seriously. One huge mishap on Falcon's part results in not only the freeing of Serpentor, but the injury of 3 soldiers. Falcon is eventually sent through some hard training in order for him to learn how to be a good soldier.

G.I. Joe was originally planned for theatrical release, but production delays as well as other issues resulted in this film being ultimately released direct to video. Also, certain plot points were changed in the film in order to avoid backlash. What ended up being released was an animated movie that is a worthy addition to the series. G.I. Joe - The Movie was originally meant to lead into a later season of the animated series which ended up not being produced.

| 1986 | 1 hr 33 min | 7.1/10
Charlie Adler, Shuko Akune, Jack Angel, Michael Bell
Don Jurwich
Produced By
Joe Bacal, Tom Griffin
G.I. Joe: The Movie
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Also directed by Don Jurwich