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"The most unusual picture of her career! In Gorgeous Color"
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  • 1954
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Her Twelve Men is a heartwarming comedy-drama from 1954, directed by Robert Z. Leonard, and starring the famous Greer Garson as a high school teacher named Jan Stewart. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Louise Baker and tells the story of Jan, a young and beautiful widow who starts a new job in a boys’ boarding school in California.

The movie starts with Jan arriving at the school and meeting the headmaster, Dr. Robert L. Clopton (played by Robert Ryan), who is impressed by her credentials and hires her to teach English Literature, Art, and History. Jan is excited about her new job but quickly realizes that the students are not the easiest to deal with. They are a rowdy bunch of teenage boys who are more interested in sports, girls, and mischief than in studying.

However, Jan is determined to be a good teacher and win the boys over. She comes up with a brilliant idea of assigning each of them a famous historical character to research and write about. The catch is that she assigns them according to their personalities and faults. For example, the shy and introverted Ned (played by Tim Considine) is given the task of researching Leonardo da Vinci while the class clown, Hal (played by Keith Andes), gets Napoleon Bonaparte.

Throughout the movie, Jan tries to connect with each student, inspire them to learn, and become better people. She is a woman of high morals and traditional values, which sometimes comes into conflict with the modernized teaching methods of the school. At the same time, she also struggles to suppress her attraction towards Dr. Clopton, who shows interest in her from the very beginning.

Apart from Garson and Ryan, the movie features a great cast of talented actors, such as Barry Sullivan, who plays the role of Alan, a wealthy parent who constantly interferes with the school's affairs, and James Arness, who plays the role of Whit, a troubled student with a sad backstory.

The narrative of Her Twelve Men is remarkable and uplifting. The storyline is humorous, but the film seriously addresses the issues of good education, personal growth, and the importance of valuing oneself. It’s a nostalgic piece, featuring old-fashioned beliefs and modest dress codes, while providing a gentle reminder of the lasting power of good teachers when it comes to shaping young minds.

The cinematography serves as a beautiful backdrop to the narrative. The campus is a beautiful setting for the film, with its luscious greenery and historic buildings. The camera work is well done, with the shots capturing the beauty and serenity of the school.

The music in the film is also beautiful and engaging, with a classical score that adds a nice touch to the overall feel of the movie. The film’s theme song, “Her Twelve Men,” sung by the talented Greer Garson, adds personality to the movie’s opening credits.

Overall, Her Twelve Men is a charming and heartwarming classic movie, which stands the test of time by delivering a timeless message that is relevant to even our modern society. The film’s message of the importance of education, self-improvement, and staying true to one’s values continues to resonate with audiences across the world. If you’re in the mood for a feel-good film or interested in old Hollywood cinema, then be sure to check out this classic that has withstood the test of time.

Her Twelve Men
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